Regulatory Compliance

In an environment of increased regulation and intensified enforcement, we offer a wide range of services to minimize risk and business disruption. We will work with our clients to tailor compliance programs that address the specific cultural, structural, and systemic nature and business activities of the organization. We also conduct risk reviews, develop and implement customized company policies and compliance programs that are calculated to mitigate risks and attendant financial exposure, and possess the experience to design and conduct training programs that are application specific to discrete departments and personnel bases.

When problems do arise, we are adept at responding to government investigations and developing strategic approaches for the defense of companies and individuals against anticipated enforcement actions.

We represent clients in navigating government “red tape” by expediting a variety of federal, state, county, city and local municipal licensing and permit matters, as well as assisting in resolving and clearing related violations, including U.S. Postal Service deficiency assessments, Health, Fire and Building Department, Liquor Authority and Department of Consumer Affairs issues.